Portable Scanner w/ Wifi Hotspot Enabled (ScanSnap iX100)
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Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600


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    Read a uniform whole original "VI Technology *"deployment


    It is equipped with a combination of high depth of field lens, line type CCD sensor, the highly directional LED light source "VI technology". To minimize the non-uniformity of image quality you scan a document from a distance, to generate the image data that is easy to read in uniform. * Versatile Imaging Technology


    The electronic easily a variety of manuscript

    To turn off without manuscript of large size, such as spread of newspapers and magazines, a closed book, can be read up to A3 size up. In addition, important documents such as pictures drawn with crayons, paint, so read without touching the paper, I do not damage the original.

    The electronic easily to a variety of paper manuscript.


    Various functions that can be manipulated comfortable

    It is equipped to be read in about three seconds of course familiar "Quick Menu", from power-on or "multi-crop function" to be cut out automatically a plurality of documents eg, "Quick Start", a useful feature in the ScanSnap. You can realize the ScanSnap series only, the "simple speedy and compact".

    It is equipped with useful features "Quick Menu", and "multi-crop function".


    E-book of their own is completed with one of this

    Equipped with the ability to streamline the reading of books and magazines in the "ScanSnap SV600" body, and included "easy ² (Easy) library Smart with Magic Desktop" the filing software was enhanced. In this one, to manage and view from the product of the image file, e-book of your own environment is ready.


    Included with the two libraries Smart with MagicDesktop easy.



     Type :               desktop overhead scanner
     Condition:        Brand New
     Brand:               FUJITSU
     Size:                  210mm X 156mm x 210mm
     Weight :            3kg

     Speed :             3 sec (per 1 scan)
    Mode :              Color / Black & White
                                Normal=Color 150dpi, Black & White 300dpi 
    =Color 200dpi, Black & White 400dpi 
                                Super Fine
    =Color 300dpi, Black&White 600dpi
                                Excellent=Color 600dpi, Black&White 1200dpi

     Size :                 Maximam=432mm x 300mm (A3), 
                                Minimam=25.4mm x 25.4mm

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    • HP
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    • Juniper
    • Kaspersky
    • Lenovo
    • Lightwave
    • McAfee
    • Microsoft
    • Netapp
    • Oracle
    • Silex Technology
    • Symantec
    • VMware