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Fujitsu fi-6800 Production Scanner


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    Fujitsu fi-6800 - recommended by IT Pro magazine, Document Manager's Product of the Year 2010, High volume imaging product 2012


    fi-6800 production scannerUtilising fi-series renowned Paper Protection and Multi Feed Protection functions, paper feed problems are tackled before they happen. The scanner provides high speeds up to 130ppm in black and white, greyscale or colour for DIN A4 landscape documents.

    Factory mounted hardware accelerated VRS Professional reduces the time involved in document preparation and provides high quality image output at rated speed.

    Working Environment

    The fi-6800 is the most compact but high performing mid volume production scanner in the market. With unique image handling hardware and hardware accelerated VRS Professional factory mounted, the user receives a complete high performance capture solution right out of the box. Operators will begin making professional scans in no time.

    Utilizing a high quality lens and extra bright LED light source enclosed in a heavy duty resin frame. The fi-6800's compact design makes it the smallest document scanner in its class. It takes up 53% less space and is 72% lighter than its predecessor.

    Supporting the Operator

    The fi-6800 is ergonomically designed to facilitate scanning whether the operator is standing or seated. Scanner status and settings are presented and controlled on an easy to navigate LCD panel.

    With simple yet very sturdy construction, operators benefit from the fi-6800's with a wide flip up cover, providing easy access and obstacle free cleaning. Near silent operation allows for front or back office placement in support of a multitude of professional business scanning tasks.

    Intelligent functions for efficient operation

    The fi-6800 supports many new automatic functions that simplify your scanning tasks and maximise operator productivity.

    • Route files with ease, using Patch code or barcode supported job separation
      fi-6800 features patch code and barcode recognition functions, Whenever detected, files can be automatically routed to new subdirectories to expedite and automate post capture processing routines. If using barcodes the files and directories can even be named based on the information contained in the barcode. Combined with the images capture software ScandAll PRO's automatic sorting function, scanning sorting and saving can be a hands free operation.
    • Seamless Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server linkability
      ScandAll PRO enables the fi-6800 to seamlessly link with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server for easy digitized document sharing and viewing administration. The result is even easier document management.
    • Reduce the hassle of post scan tasks
      Automatic stacker ensures all your scanned documents are neatly stacked, while an Automatic Image Quality Checker detects an image irregularities i.e. folds or tears in the original document, after scanning. Post scanning tasks have never been this easy.
    • An improved paper feed mechanism which protects against document damage or misaligned feeds
      Fujitsu's fi-6800 features a very reliable paper feed mechanism which is derived from Fujitsu's top-of-the-line fi-5950 model. Utilising fi-series renowned "Paper Protection" and "Multi Feed Protection" functions, paper feed problems are tackled before they happen. This ensures optimum workflow to your business and maximum uptime for the scanner.
    • Short recovery from sleep mode due to use of extra bright LED source (within 6s)

    ScandAll PRO image capture software

    Even better batch scanning performance is possible with the bundled premium version of ScandAll PRO V2 scanning software, which features embedded zonal OCR functionality, multi-streaming options and a wealth of output format including password protected PDF and PDF/A formats. In daily operation tasks the user can be supported by setting up job routine profiles that can easily be ex- and imported by multiple scan stations. ScandAll PRO V2 Premium features job separation and indexing functionality using 2D codes (matrix codes). [ScandAll PRO V2 →]

    VRS (VirtualReScan) Professional


    VRS Professional logoPre-installed with hardware based VRS Professional, the fi-6800 comes loaded with a VRS CGA board that offers even better image processing functionality and performance, which simplifies the image capture operation and streamlines automated business processes. It allows information workers to focus on their productive tasks whilst at the same time supporting them by capturing information from paper documents at the click of a button.

    VRS dynamically adjusts scanner settings for each document, allowing for near-perfect image quality every time you scan. What is more, the advanced image enhancement technology of VRS Professional allows users to create images that are easier to read and index, making it easier to find, retrieve and use the captured information later on.

    Cleaning up scanned images in software makes for a huge improvement in the accuracy of your OCR and ICR software. Productivity is increased as well as efficiency resulting in a greater return for your scanning investment.


    Model fi-6800
    Colour/mono ppm/ipm @300dpi 100/200
    Colour/mono ppm/ipm @200dpi 100/200
    Daily duty cycle (pages) Up to 60,000
    ADF Capacity (pages) 500
    Minimum ADF paper size (mm) 52 x 74
    Maximum ADF paper size (mm) 297 x 420
    Flatbed No
    Weight (kg) 32
    Dimensions (HxWxD mm) 345x460x430
    DUPLEX (bothsides) Yes
    Scan A3 ( Native) Yes
    Scans Embossed Yes
    Interface USB 2.0/VRS/50-pin SCSI/VRS
    OS Compatibility Windows
    Ideal Useage Dedicated scanning function
    Centralised scanning operation



    • APC
    • Array Networks
    • Cisco
    • Commvault
    • EMC
    • Emerson
    • Fortinet
    • Fujitsu
    • HP
    • Hyland
    • Juniper
    • Kaspersky
    • Lenovo
    • Lightwave
    • McAfee
    • Microsoft
    • Netapp
    • Oracle
    • Silex Technology
    • Symantec
    • VMware