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Fujitsu fi-6670 Workgroup Scanner


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    fi-6670 production scannerThe 90ppm / 180ipm capable (A4, Landscape, 200 dpi) fi-6670 is amongst the fastest scanners in its class, with the ability to continuously scan document batches of up to 200 sheets containing paper of different weights, quality and sizes. It can even scan paper up to 3m long, enabling digitization of electrocardiograms, instrumental data readings and other long documents.

    Paper scanning speeds of 80ppm and 160ipm are achievable at 300dpi and higher resolutions of up to 600dpi are achievable.

    The fi-6670 is impressively compact with dimensions of 300 x 640 x 430 mm (H x W x D) and weighs just 17kg. Efficient connectivity is enabled through a dual SCSI/USB 2.0 interface.


    Intelligent functions for efficient operation

    fi-6670's intelligent multi-feed function simplifies pre-scanning preparation and improves efficiency by identifying documents that tend to trigger false multi-feed alerts,The fi-6670 comes loaded with features allowing the scanner to work autonomously as a true batch document scanner.

    Intelligent multi-feed function simplifies pre-scanning preparation and improves efficiency by identifying documents that tend to trigger false multi-feed alerts, such as documents with photos or sticky notes attached. Additionally, continuous uninterrupted scanning is achievable owing to the fact that paper is fed from the bottom of the stack allowing for more paper to added during the scanning process.

    Trapezoid-shaped and tab attached document cropping / punch hole removal functionality
    The fi-6670 scans trapezoid-shaped documents across their full width, as well as ensuring that index tab and sticky note attached documents are scanned in their entirety. In addition, the fi-6670 s removes the circular and angular punch hole representations that are created from scanning loose-leaf sheets, courier service forms and other similar documents.

    Straight paper path: virtually eliminates paper jams while permitting a greater diversity of paper types.

    Dust resistant sealed optical units
    Sealed optical units in the fi-6670 guarantee that image quality is maintained, even in the most demanding environments such as factories and warehouses.

    The fi-6670 can be used to apply virtual imprints onto the document images, including information about date and time of scanning.

    ScandAll PRO V2 Premium image capture software

    The bundled ScandAll PRO image capture software supports advanced functions such as:

    • Automatic job separation: The patch code, bar code or 2D matrix code based automatic job separation function allows the scanner operator to have scanned documents automatically named or routed to their appropriate folders.
    • Indexing: Scanning information including the matrix code embedded data can be logged in comprehensive index files for efficient post scanning processing.
    • Seamless Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server linkage: ScandAll PRO V2 Premium enables the fi-6670 to seamlessly link with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server for easy digitized document sharing and viewing administration. The result is even easier document management.
    • Scanner Central Admin console for network enabled device management

    Excellent scanning performance is possible with the bundled premium version of ScandAll PRO V2 Premium scanning software, which features embedded zonal OCR functionality, multi-streaming options and a wealth of output format including password protected PDF and PDF/A formats. In daily operation tasks the user can be supported by setting up job routine profiles that can easily be ex- and imported by multiple scan stations. ScandAll PRO V2 Premium features job separation and indexing functionality using 2D codes (matrix codes). [ScandAll PRO V2 →]

    VRS (VirtualReScan) Professional

    VRS Professional logoThe fi-6670 comes bundled with VRS Professional software, which simplifies the image capture operation and streamlines automated business processes. It allows information workers to focus on their productive tasks whilst at the same time supporting them by capturing information from paper documents at the click of a button.

    VRS dynamically adjusts scanner settings for each document, allowing for near-perfect image quality every time you scan. What is more, the advanced image enhancement technology of VRS Professional allows users to create images that are easier to read and index, making it easier to find, retrieve and use the captured information later on.

    Cleaning up scanned images in software makes for a huge improvement in the accuracy of your OCR and ICR software. Productivity is increased as well as efficiency resulting in a greater return for your scanning investment.

    Where higher VRS performance is required, our fi-6770A model offers a built-in a Hardware VRS board that optimises image quality on the most difficult of documents. By performing advanced image enhancements in the scanner rather than in the computer, a higher scanning speed is obtained. Its ability to create sharper images from stained documents or documents with dark coloured backgrounds guarantees highly efficient scanning.

    Easy positioning

    fi-6670 is compact and flexible to locateExtremely compact design, with retractable operating panels located on the left and right side of the unit permits the scanner to be placed against a wall or in a corner without affecting performance or reducing operational comfort. This also ensures equal ease of use for left and right-handed operators.





    Model fi-6670
    Colour/mono ppm/ipm @300dpi 60/120
    Colour/mono ppm/ipm @200dpi 70/140
    Daily duty cycle (pages) Up to 45,000
    ADF Capacity (pages) 200
    Minimum ADF paper size (mm) 52 x 74
    Maximum ADF paper size (mm) 297 x 420
    Flatbed No
    Weight (kg) 17
    Dimensions (HxWxD mm) 300x614x432
    DUPLEX (bothsides) Yes
    Scan A3 ( Native) Yes
    Scans Embossed Yes
    Interface USB 2.0
    OS Compatibility Windows
    Ideal Useage Dedicated scanning function
    Centralised scanning operation


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    • Fujitsu
    • HP
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    • Kaspersky
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    • Lightwave
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